When We Share

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    When we share laughter,当我们分享欢笑
    There’s twice the fun;快乐就加倍
    When we share the success, 当我们分享成功
    We surpass what we’ve done,我们超越了已完成的事
    When we share problems, 当我们分担困难
    There’s half the pain;痛苦减半
    When we share tears,当我们分担泪水
    A rainbow follows rain .雨后有彩虹
    When we share dreams, 当我们分享梦想
    They become more real;它便愈发真实
    When we share secrets, 当我们分享秘密
    It’s our hearts we reveal. 展露的是我们的真心
    If we share a smile, 如果我们分享一个微笑
    Then our love shows;爱意显现
    If we share a hug ,如果我们分享一个拥抱
    Then our love grows.爱意增长 ,
    If we share with someone on whom we depend,如果我们与信任之人分享
    That person becomes family or friend.那人就成为家人或朋友
    And what draws us closer and makes us all care,而那些拉近我们距离、所有人者R关心的
    Is not what we have, 不是我们拥有什么
    But the things we share.而是我们分享什么

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    The little cat is mad.
    The little cat is sad.
    The little cat feels very bad,
    little cat, little cat.
    Why are you so mad and so sad?’
    “I have broken my leg. I have broken my neck,
    And I have a pain in my head. ”
    “Sorry, sorry, little cat,
    That’s really too bad ”

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